SLV Platform

SlV Platform

SLV is an innovative system that brings a new philosophy to vehicle movement logistics in an industrial unit, allowing for the automation of all loading and unloading processes and associated operations 24 hours a day without the need of operators. This system is composed of a platform that combines software and hardware to control the physical equipment, manage vehicle traffic inside the industrial unit, provide control and safety to each operation and supply the tools needed to more efficiently administrate and exploit the business information.

SLV contains proactive mechanisms for the detection and forwarding of warnings and reports in the event of fault. This feature permits the repair of problems in productive time by the technical managers of the industrial units or by Cachapuz´┐Żs support team that has the capacity to operate remotely on the different hardware and software components.

Its modular platform based on the latest generation of standard technology allows SLV to be adapted to the reality, size and needs of any industrial unit. SLV is capable of operating autonomously, performing all the operational management of vehicle logistics in an industrial unit, or it can provide a vertical solution through its integration with the existing management system (ERP).

Feature Of SLV

Automatic kiosks Self-Service 24/7 operation without operator intervention
Automatic identification Recognition of vehicle registration plates and RFID cards for identifying people
Positioning sensors Elimination of weighing fraud at loading/unloading points
Loading/unloading validation verification of weight deviations from the planned quantities
Bulk Automatic self-service loading of bulk product
Documentation issue Issue of all necessary documentation
Control Association of film and photography to factory transactions
Web site Clients/suppliers and transporters can look up information (vehicle location, contact point times, date and time of arrival etc.)
Mobility Mobile devices for interaction with the system
SMS Interaction with the system between the plant and the clients/suppliers
Reporting Automatic sending of periodic activity reports by e-mail and SMS to Directors/Managers
Warnings the chief operators are automatically notified of any fault in the equipment / modules
Monitoring system detailed log register, detection of faults and viewing of plant performance
Web services interfaces with information systems

Blocks Of SLV

Data exploration look-up tools to analyse business indicators, statistics and to automatically send warnings
Parking management of parking and queues
Entry/Exits management of entry gates and entry/exit control
Bulk management of bulk loading
Bags management of bagged product loading
Raw materials management of raw material unloading

Advantages Of SLV

  • Total control of access to the industrial unit
  • Guaranteed rejection of unauthorised transactions
  • Complete self-service operation
  • 24-hour shipping periods without cost increase
  • Sharp reduction in weighing transaction times
  • Improved image transmitted by the industrial unit
  • Differentiation and positioning in relation to competition