Security Padlocks

Security Padlocks

Security Padlock proprietary padlock security system, the Security Padlock SL-ALH2000 series, actively monitors your valuables when you are away. Whether that's on a job site, on the road in a cargo shipment, or in an area vulnerable to theft, Security Padlock protects your assets by enabling you to monitor them 24-hours a day, 7-days a week from virtually anywhere.

The Security Padlock is a GSM electronic padlock security system that allows you to have real time monitoring and instant text notification of entry for an armed padlock. Everything in this system is controlled by cellular phone: Use your cell phone to program your padlocks, arm / disarm, and check the system status. Up to 4 phone numbers can be programmed to the padlock system. With the VPS-2000 you are always in control. Simply arm the system, and you will receive a text message when the padlock shackle is opened; and whether it is opened by key or by force, the VPS system will notify you every time.

The shackle of the Security Padlock SL-ALH2000 padlock is made with hardened steel; and as the heavy duty laminated steel body, everything is wrapped up in a reinforced coat of weather resistant rubber. The look of the padlock alone will stop any would-be intruders from trying to temper with the lock, and it just so happens that this is also the most high-tech padlock on the market today!

If you want the absolute best in high-tech security hardware, then you need the Security Padlock SL-ALH2000. No other padlock in the market can do what the Security Padlock SL-ALH2000 can do, and the VPS-2000 is protected by a 1 year warranty. Just imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that your valuable is fully protected. For more information contact us : String Automation Pvt. Ltd.

How it Works

Each system comes with a main control unit, and each unit can be paired with multiple padlocks which can be renamed based on the padlocks' locations. This makes it easy to secure and monitor multiple locations simultaneously. Place this unit within 150 feet of the padlocks, and when an armed padlock shackle is opened, a signal will be sent to the main control unit; then, the main control unit will send a text message to your cell phone warning you of the location of intrusion.

When an armed padlock shackle is illegally cut or opened, a message will be sent to users' mobile phones notifying them of the activity. The system can control and monitor up to 8 padlocks at the same time. Plug and play design, easy installation without complicated wiring at all. Universal for home, business premises, banks, truck, trailer, container, boat and warehouse. All weather design, high quality and reliable.They can servive in temprature range from -30C to 70C.

Purpose it Serves:

  • It sends Alerts through SMS on pre stored four Mobile numbers when armed to prevent unauthorized opening of padlocks.
  • It also calls on primary mobile number and keeps calling till the call is attended. when call attended you can listen the voice in secured area.
  • When some emergency happens, on pressing of panic button from remote control. It also sends HELP message to pre defined four mobile numbers.
  • When theft happens generally power supplies are cut off it sends alert of BLACKOUT and when again power is restored it sends alert POWER RESUMED through text message.
  • All these alerts happen secretly and saves the owner from major losses
Thank God! GSM padlocks served its purpose. Isn't it a value for money!