Educational Softwares for School/College

Software in general terms are for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices. It is divided into application software which includes program towards users, and system software which include operating system.

String Automation Pvt. Ltd. provides various software solutions to meet the competitive technological demands prevailing today in IT industry. String Automation Pvt. Ltd. provides software development services to the clients globally.

Our teams have expertise to develop software in various platforms, there is a wide range of programming languages, we use for our software development which include VB,ASP.NET,VB.NET and they can be backed with any of the database servers like SQL, MySql, Oracle or Ms Access depending upon clients requirement.

We have a number of standard applications which are ready to use. Our Software's are being used by organizations of different nature, such as the hospitals, the medicine stores, the schools, automobile agencies etc. to name a few.

School Administration System developed by String Automation Pvt. Ltd. includes modules such as Fees Collection, Accounts, Library, Student profile, Result, Payroll, Bell Ringing and School Time Table.

With the high end efforts of String Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd., it has become possible for the school authorities to keep an eye on the happenings in their institution. SSAS is highly appreciated by the school authorities and staff, as it helps to keep all the records at one place instead of the early practice of book keeping, where every deptt. was responsible for its records. This is possible only, if the administration is transparent. Every concerned person can take steps in the interest of the institute only if he is aware of the exact situation.

The software is available as a package with all the modules or a single module or two can be bought from the company, as per the requirement. Here's a module wise detail of the software along with a detail as to why we should use String School Administration System (SSAS):

Fees Collection:
  1. Daily Fees Collection  
  2. Fees Collection Detail  
  3. Fees Collection Summary  
  4. Fees Register  
  5. Fees Register Summary  
  6. Total School Fees  
  7. Left Student Fees Adjustment  
  8. Defaulter Student  
  9. Parent Intimation  
  1. Cash Book  
  2. Journal Book  
  3. General Receipts  
  4. Account Statement  
  5. Ledger  
  6. TDS Ledger  
  7. Reconciliation Report  
  8. Trial Balance  
  9. Monthly Details  
  10. Depreciation Chart  
  11. Profit-Loss Statement  
  12. Balance Sheet  
  1. Purchase Order  
  2. Purchase Register  
  3. Stock in Library  
  4. Location Wise Report  
  5. Daily Issue  
  6. Daily Receipt  
  7. List of Issued Books  
  8. List of Reference Books  
  9. Book History  
  10. Student History  
  11. Employee History  
Student profile:
  1. Admission Register  
  2. Nominal Roll  
  3. Student Profile  
  4. Student Certificate  
  5. Concessional Student List  
  6. School Strength  
  7. Enrolled-Left Strength  
  8. Left Student List  
  9. Merge Student Data  
  10. Standing Instructions  
  1. Student Result with Grade and Graph  
  2. Student Result with Marks and Graph  
  3. Result Sheet  
  1. Pay Register Summary  
  2. Yearly Pay Register Detail  
  3. Yearly Summary  
  4. Advance Account Statement  
  5. Advance Outstanding  
  6. Security Deduction  
  7. Security Outstanding  
  8. Attendance Register  
  9. On Leave Detail  
  10. Attendance Summary  
  11. Employee Certificate  
  12. P.F.Form No. 3-A  
  13. P.F.Form No. 6-A  
  14. P.F.Form No. 5  
  15.. P.F.Form No. 10  
  16. Joining Employee List  
  17. Left Employee List  
  18. Male/ Female Employee List  
  19. Salary Transfer to Bank Report