Company Profile

String Automation Pvt. Ltd. Is the showcase for world class products. It is spot where world meet India. If you have the world class products we have the clients for you. We play number games not in millions & billions but beyond that. Once you are here you don't have to look here & there. You are at the right place. String Automation believes in strong ethics of business. String Automation is cluster of highly skilled professionals.
            India is one of the fastest growing economy of the world where growth rate is around 9% Under the able Prime Ministership of S. Manmohan Singh Ji. Like wise Mr. Singh of India, Singh's of String Automation are also contributing to the growth of their company and hence their nation.
            String Automation is part of String Group of Companies and sister concern of String Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. String Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 18th May 2005. String Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. deals in customized application development. String Automation Pvt. Ltd. takes care of marketing the products of String Software Pvt. Ltd. across India.
            One company can not meet all the needs of its clients but can build strong relations, strong bondage with clients. Clients expect the company to fulfill its all needs but at the same time expect the best product available in the market. The sentiments of our esteem clients gave the birth to String Automation Pvt. Ltd. String Automation Pvt. Ltd. meets the clients, identify their needs and then do brain storming exercise and find the world class solution for the clients.

Our Mission & Vision

String Automation Pvt. Ltd. is bunch of highly qualified professionals with strong ethics. We have made team with GOD and GOD as a captain. We strongly believe in playing fare game with our clients.

Our Mission is Customer satisfaction. It is considered as a secret of success in our organization.

Our Vision is to grow without compromising with values and ethics. We are growing at fast face with hand holding of God.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The SLV Cement Solution is efficient, is running very well and we are happy with it."

Mr. Sunny Gaur
MD JayPee Cement Works

The processes through SLV Cement take 30 seconds, save 15 minutes at respective weighbridges, reduce the manual interventions, chances of errors drastically minimized while also eliminating chaos through disciplined movement of trucks inside the Plant area.

Mr. C. S. Jain
Senior President Jaypee Rewa plant

SLV cement has Streamtilined the flow of trucks. It has reduced time in Checkin, Loadingdmemo Prepration and Gatein process and increased the efficency 4 times.It has reduced the time for clinker loading 2/3 minutes.

Sh. B.K. Sharma
Plant Head J.H.C.I.L, Baga, Himachal Pardesh